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We have all wanted or needed to use a Screen Recorder at some time or other but it’s a feature that, until now, Apple hasn’t considered important. Screen recording is useful for so many things. You might need to take a screen capture of an error message or something that is wrong on your iPhone screen; you might be competing against a friend in a game and want to prove that your score is the highest; you might even want to record a how-to video to help others out. Whatever you need to record your screen for, you need an app that provides the ability to record the screen as well as just capturing screenshots and now we have 5 ways to do it.

iPhone Screen Recorder

How to Record your iPhone Screen :

Apple has now provided support for both iOS and Mac OS X in terms of screen recording but, in case neither of the methods is up to your standards, there are a couple of other apps that you can use.

Method 1: Screen Recording on iOS

On any iPhone running iOS 11 and above , there is now a way to record your screen, both simple screenshots or a video recording with the option of adding audio. It isn’t as intuitive as some of the other apps, but it is at least an option now.  Click the link below to find out how you can record your iPhone screen.

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Method 2: Screen Recording using Mac

You can record your iPhone screen by connecting your device to your Mac. It involves using QuickTime Player, which is already installed by default and is a good way of saving storage space on your device as the videos are stored on your computer. You also have editing options in QuickTime as well as the ability to add audio. Check out the link below for full details.

If you want something with a few more features, then you should take a look at these three screen recorder apps.

Method 3: AirShou App 

AirShou is a popular name among jailbreakers as it was once the best screen recorder app in Cydia. After a while though, the developers stopped updating it and it was removed. It seemed to have disappeared altogether, until now. The developers have given AirShou a thorough overhaul and have now released it directly, no need to use Cydia or the app store to download it. AirShou was one of the few apps available for a while that allowed you to record your screen as a video and now you can do it in Full HD at up to 60fps. You can add high-quality video recording if you want to add a professional air to your recording and using it is simple, one tap on the screen to start recording and another to stop it. AirShou is full of other useful features and it is fully supported on all iOS devices that are running iOS 7 and above. Downloading AirShou is very simple and to help you, we’ve produced a full step by step download guide that you can find at the link below, along with plenty of other useful information:

Method 4: iRec App 

iRec is another name that is well-known to the jailbreak community.  This was the original screen recorder, the one that everyone turned to, to record their screen and take useful screenshots. Like AirShou, which came later, the developers of iRec failed to keep their app up to date and, as the iOS firmware evolved, iRec fell behind. Eventually, it fell out of use and was pulled from Cydia. It’s back, its bigger and better than ever before and has been fully updated. iRec now supports all iOS devices on iOS 7 and above, providing a Top-Notch Screen Recorder experience. As well as the 1080p at 60fps screen recording ability, you can add audio very easily. Other features include Auto Compression, useful for those who don’t have much space on their devices or those who need to record and store multiple videos , everything is saved in a compressed format, thus taking up little room. There are several in-app settings that you can take advantage of, customizing iRec so it really does suit your requirements, and downloading it is so easy. Although you can’t get it in the app store and you don’t need Cydia, you can download it directly and we have a full download tutorial for you to follow at the link below:

Method 5: CoolPixel Appcoolpixel 120px small

The last app is something a little different to the others. Its called CoolPixel and it offers a lot more in terms of functionality and features. CoolPixel is a relatively new app on the screen recording scene, not one that too many people will be familiar with from Cydia. CoolPixel offers the usual screenshot and full HD screen recording features, and yes, you can add audio if you want. However, it goes further by including a whole series of video editing tools, right there, in the app.   When you complete your video, you can add features like subtitles or even dubbing if you want. There are a series of rich filters to choose from, so you can give your video a movie-like look. You can import other videos that you have stored on your device or your computer and edit those or you can search BGM online and find others that you can give a unique touch to. There are loads more features, but the video editing capabilities give CoolPixel the edge over many screen recorder apps. Downloading it is very simple, as is using it and you can find a full step by step download guide and other information at the link below:

iPhone screen recording is no longer hard to do as there are now so many options including the native options on iOS and Mac that Apple has finally seen fit to provide. Choose whichever one suits your requirements and let us know how you get on with it. For more updates and tips like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

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